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Root ObjectContainer

Root ObjectContainer
Administration space

Below an overview of the Root ObjectContainer.  The Root ObjectContainer contains the Root Object.  This is a normal directory Object. Objects are never referred to directly by block number.  Instead each Object has a ObjectNode.  ObjectNodes are identified by number, and this number is what is used to refer to Objects.  All ObjectNodes are stored in the ObjectNode tree.

Every Object has a field with its own ObjectNode number (which can be seen as an indirect reference to the Object itself).  The yellow arrows in the picture below depict the link between Objects and their corresponding ObjectNode.  The red arows are ObjectNode references to a parent Object (which are one way only).  The black arrows are references by block number.  ObjectContainers belonging to the same dir are in a double linked list, as indicated by the two sided arrow.

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Below I've added the same picture again, but this time without the ObjectNode tree.   The red arrows are still indirect references which have to be looked up in the ObjectNode tree, but now you can see to which Object they point.

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