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Bug reports can be submitted to John Hendrikx directly.  When submitting bug reports please give us enough information to reproduce the bug.  Also do not forget to include a description of your system; mention atleast the following information:

  • Version of Smart Filesystem (you can obtain this by doing a "version sfs: full" where "sfs:" is the name of the partition you installed Smart Filesystem on).
  • Kickstart version, type of processor and memory information.  You can use ShowConfig (located in the System drawer) to get this information.  Just include the output from ShowConfig in your bug report.
  • Type of harddisk controller you are using.
  • Please also tell us the type of harddisk you are using (IDE or SCSI), how large the harddisk is and how large the SFS partition is.  The output which SFScheck produces would also be very valuable.
  • Include a detailed description of what error occured, what you were doing at the time and what software you were using.  If possible try to reproduce the problem.   Don't hesitate to give more information if you think it might be related to the problem.

Once you have submitted you're bug report you'll receive a message from us to confirm we've received it.  If we can reproduce the problem on our own machines we'll try and fix it as soon as possible.  Otherwise we may require additional information from you to help fix the problem.

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