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The development of the filesystem started in 1993.  At that time I wrote a basic filesystem in Assembler without having spend much time on the design.  This filesystem never got completed, although it worked reasonably well at the time.   Because of an ever growing assembler source which became more and more complex to maintain, and because of some major design flaws this project was halted.  This project however was a very good learning experience for building a filesystem.

By 1996 however I decided to try and write a filesystem in C instead.  A foundation was created in C which had all the startup code and basic packet handling capabilities.  It was written in such a way that it could be easily reused.   After the initial stages I left the code alone, and together with Marcel Offermans we starting thinking about the design of a filesystem.  We had some very innovative ideas, but eventually we decided to just go for a much simpler design.

Starting from October 1997 I started implementing the filesystem in C using the foundation which was created in C earlier.  The implementation went very very well, and even major changes in the filesystem structure were quite easy to implement.  The result is what this website is all about.

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