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Block header

AdminSpaceContainers are used to store the location and bitmap of each administration space.  The AdminSpaceContainers are located in a double linked list and they contain an array of fsAdminSpace structures.  There is one fsAdminSpace structure for every administration space on disk.

Field Type Description
bheader struct fsBlockHeader Standard block header.
next BLCK The next AdminSpaceContainer, or zero if it is the last in the chain.
previous BLCK The previous AdminSpaceContainer, or zero if it is the first AdminSpaceContainer.
bits UBYTE The number of bits in each in the bits ULONG in the fsAdminSpace structure.
pad1 UBYTE Reserved, leave zero.
pad2 UWORD Reserved, leave zero.
adminspace struct fsAdminSpace An array of fsAdminSpace structures.  The size of the array is determined by the current blocksize.
struct fsAdminSpaceContainer {
  struct fsBlockHeader bheader;
  BLCK next;
  BLCK previous;
  UBYTE bits;
  UBYTE pad1;
  UWORD pad2;
  struct fsAdminSpace adminspace[0];
Field Type Description
space BLCK The first block of an administration space.
bits ULONG A small bitmap which is used to determine which blocks in an administration space are already in use.  The number of bits in this bitmap is determined by the bits field in the AdminSpaceContainer.
struct fsAdminSpace {
  BLCK  space;
  ULONG bits;

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